Your Bargaining Team 2017

Your Bargaining Team is made up of seven faculty members from around the province. With the support of professional union staff, the bargaining advisory committee, and the Divisional Executive, the Bargaining Team will negotiate the best contract possible on behalf of all full-time and partial-load faculty.

Your Bargaining Team for 2017 is:


Pictured from left to right:  Nicole Zwiers (L354/Durham), Mona Chevalier (L470/La Cite), Ed Toivonen (Alternate, L655/Cambrian), JP Hornick (L556, George Brown), Shawn Pentecost (L415/Algonquin), Ravi Ramkissoonsingh (L242/Niagara), Kevin MacKay (L240/Mohawk), and Darryl Bedford (L110/Fanshawe).

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