Partial-Load Registry (2022)

Updated: July 27, 2021

Registration to the 2022 Partial-Load Registry is currently open for all past and present partial-load faculty. The deadline to register your interest for partial-load work for 2022 is Oct 30, 2021

To register, visit Humber College’s PL Registry page: 

Please note: Registration to the PL Registry is an annual task; if you registered for previous years, you must still register for subsequent years. Registration does not carry over year to year.

Registering for the PL Registry is the first step to ensuring you receive hiring priority for courses on a PL contract. The Registry list looks at faculty’s seniority, found on the PL Seniority List, to determine hiring priority. The person with higher service credits should be offered the PL contract first. If this is not the case, please get in touch with us ASAP. 

What is the Partial-load Registry?

The Partial-Load Registry is a product of the 2017 – 2021 CAAT-A Collective Agreement that provides an increased level of job protection for partial-load faculty (i.e. teaching 7 – 12 hours per week). By registering, employees are confirming their desire for future work as a partial-load employee at Humber College for the 2022 calendar year. This registry also documents each registered partial-load employee’s job experience, including their service months, what courses they have previously taught since Fall 2017 at Humber, and the School(s) in which those courses were taught. The onus is on the faculty member to demonstrate any previous courses taught prior to Fall 2017.

Why does the Registry exist?

The Partial Load Registry exists to offer more senior partial-load workers some job security. Prior to 2017, managers could assign partial-load contracts to whomever they wanted. In other words, once you achieved PL status, it wasn’t a guarantee that you’d remain there.  The Registry forces managers to recognize the seniority of workers and offer them partial-load contracts. 

Who can register?

Any past or presently partial-load employees at Humber may register their interest.

Why should I register?

The collective agreement now requires the College to give hiring priority to registered partial-load faculty. This means that when Associate Deans or Deans determine that there is a need to hire a partial-load employee, they must consult the Registry and first offer the course to a qualified partial-load faculty that has previously taught the course. To be considered as “qualified”, you must be registered in the Registry, and be either currently employed as a partial-load employee or have 8 service month credits of partial-load teaching in the past 4 years. Check your service credits here. Therefore, if you do not register, you may not receive teaching opportunities that you otherwise would have been eligible to receive. Please note that registration must happen each and every year. Registration for a previous year does not automatically register you for future years.

How do I register? 

Go to: and provide the necessary information. Upon registration completion, you should receive a confirmation email.

When do I register?

Registration opened in June and will close on October 30, 2021. Please be aware that late registrations will not be accepted.

Who maintains the Registry?

The Registry is maintained by the College, not the Union. The only information on the Registry that we have is shared with you above (top of the page).

I still have questions! Who can I contact?

Please feel free to contact your local Steward or the union office at any time. A list of your local stewards can be found here:

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