As the office is currently still closed, we have included below 3 versions of the academic calendar that faculty can use electronically, or print-at-home for use.

Version 1: “Print and Fold” calendar

To create a replica of the hard-copy calendar that you would usually receive in your mailbox from us, print the following PDF double-sided, flipping on the short edge of the page:

thumbnail of 2020-2021calendar-final-draft-no-fold-2

Version 2: “No Fold” calendar

If you would like an e-calendar or a full-page calendar that does not require folding, the following PDF is more suitable. You can print the PDF single-sided, or double-sided flipping on the long edge of the page:

thumbnail of 2020-2021calendar-final-draft-no-fold


Version 3: “No Fold” – essentials only

No graphics – just the calendar and some contact information included.

thumbnail of 2020-2021calendar-final-draft-no-fold-essentials-only