Nov 25, 2020 – update

Aerosol Transmission of COVID

The Union requested further information on how the College was responding to Health Canada’s acknowledgement that COVID-19 can be transmitted through aerosolized particles. The College responded that Health Canada regulations haven’t changed, therefore Humber’s ventilation system will not be changing.

On-campus security at entry points

The Union brought up complaints from employees who have seen security guards let individuals in without showing their completed survey. Although it seems to be rare, such instances are still happening. The College will remind Public Safety and all security employees to ask the questions verbally if the person does not have a phone, or access to their phone. 

Lockdown – changes to the College

The Union inquired whether the Toronto lockdown orders have/will affect on-campus activity. Classes will continue as they have this semester, although a few external permits were cancelled due to the lockdown. Staffing of essential workers will also be divided and set on a rotational basis to minimize personnel even further on campus.

Re-opening Committee for Winter 2021

The committee will continue to meet on a scheduled basis (bi-weekly or monthly) for the beginning of the term, and then dissolve unless further activity warrants its existence.