Humber’s Updates FAQ: The full story

There are at least 2 problematic statements in the Humber Update FAQ:


The Actual Facts:

  • A 7.5% is what they offered, but critically that amount is less than the projected Bank of Canada inflation rate. This means the college wants you to take a pay cut over the next four years.
Bank of Canada, projected inflation rates Management’s Offer
Year Inflation Rate* Date Increase Percent
2017 2.1% April 1, 2017 1.5%
2018 2.0% Oct. 1, 2018 2.0%
2019 1.9% Oct. 1, 2019 2.0%
2020 1.9% Oct. 1, 2020 2.0%
Compounded Value: 8.1% 7.7%
*CPI inflation: Consensus Forecasts (year-over-year percentage change)
  • After the 1989 strike, a joint union/college task force determined that the salary of a College professor should be set at the mid-point between the highest paid high school teacher (the lower comparator), and the highest paid professor at the Ontario university with the lowest rate of compensation (the higher comparator). The current mid-point is $132,674. According to the joint task force recommendation, the current highest paid college step should be $132,674.. We are still 20% below our comparator group. We realize that we cannot reach the comparator level overnight, but we don’t see how a pay cut gets us there.
  • “Benefit Enhancements”: The colleges have proposed “catastrophic drug coverage” for members. This is a new benefit that would be 100% paid for by faculty.  A benefit paid for entirely by our members is not an “enhancement”.

Similarly, their offer proposes changes to parental leave that narrows the definition of what constitutes parental leave.


The Actual Facts:

It’s the colleges’ job to put their offer to faculty. The strike vote mandate was held after management’s offer had been publicized. The result of that vote was overwhelmingly in favour of giving the Union’s Negotiation Team the authority to initiate a strike if they felt it was absolutely necessary. Is there any doubt management’s offer is feeble?

So while your Dean states that the college respects faculty, the college does not want to increase your pay when compared to inflation (rather it wants to reduce your pay), nor does it want to pay you at an appropriate rate. And we all know how our precarious contract faculty are treated.

The college does not want you to have the right to control your own academic work or pay you appropriately. However, if someone in management likes you, you will get a Humber Star.