Full-Time Faculty Members’ Manual (2013)

A companion guide to the Collective Agreement.

June 27, 2013

Dear Colleagues:

The Divisional Executive and OPSEU head office provide this Members’ Manual to assist in your understanding of the Collective Agreement.

The manual was originally developed by Ruthann Dyer, York University (formerly Local 560); Ted Montgomery, Local 560; and Paddy Musson, Local 110. Revisions and updating have been done by the Divisional Executive.

We were responding to members who told us they wanted a quick reference document that would answer day to day questions. Our objective was to help you get the most out of being a union member.

Consider this manual to be a companion to your collective agreement. Each section gives a reference to the collective agreement. Note that the Collective Agreement should be used as the legally binding document in answering questions related to employee and employer rights and responsibilities.

Contact your local or your steward or health and safety representative if you have questions involving your work-life or workplace. They are there for you as we are there for them.

In Solidarity,

the Divisional Executive
• Benoit Dupuis, Chair, CAAT (A) Division, Local 470
• Rod Bain, Local 415
• JP Hornick, Local 556
• Jacques O’Sullivan, Local 558
• Lynn Dee Eason, Local 613

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