Chief Steward’s Report – Feb 2017

Volume 27, Issue 3
February 2017

Janet Porter, Chief Steward

Greetings to all faculty!

We are delighted to report that we resolved the Family Day payment issue for partial-load faculty (PL) with the college. PL faculty who normally teach on Mondays this semester but do not teach during the week of February 20-24 (Reading Week) are entitled to receive Family Day pay. This settlement will also apply to Thanksgiving Fall 2017, which is buttressed by Fall Study Days, for entitled PL faculty.

We are also pleased to announce the kick-off of the part-time faculty organizing campaign. OPSEU organizers are fanning out across the province to get unionization cards signed in order to hold a certification vote. See page eight in this Newsbreak issue for more detail.

The Sexual Violence and Sexual Assault policy and related procedures have been released ( All faculty are bound by this policy and reporting procedures. Faculty should become familiar with reporting requirements. Training on the policy and procedures for faculty is under consideration.

Implementation of the procedures is underway, and Deborah Mandell from Counselling has been ably providing input. The committee is looking for an additional faculty representative from the teaching side of the bargaining unit to advise on how the policy and procedures impact the classroom. Please contact the faculty union office if you have interest.

Sonia Thakur, Jennifer Marotta, and Jeremy Brooks are faculty union members of the Diversity and Equity Committee, which is undergoing a strategic review. The committee is going to expand to four faculty members. There is an exciting slate of future activities being developed by the committee.

We are looking for faculty union material distributors in Hospitality, Recreation and Tourism and faculty who are interested in the Joint Health and Safety Committee.

The deadline is approaching for the expiry of the two-year Master’s salary settlement. The college will continue to count two years credit for two-year Master’s salary calculations going forward but the application for retroactive pay requires submission prior to March 31, 2017.

For probationary full-time faculty, the audit date for checking class sizes was January 10. For non-probationary faculty, the audit date is the first day after the last day to withdraw from a course without penalty. Full-time faculty should check their audit date class sizes against the planned class sizes used in the SWF process and notify their manager or area steward of any large discrepancies.

Please contact us if you have questions or concerns about your terms and conditions of employment or if you have interest in roles in the faculty union.