Changes to Health & Safety Committee

Volume 27, Issue 3
February 2017

Des McCarville, Co-Chair (Worker rep), Humber Joint Health & Safety Committee

Humber’s Joint Health and Safety Committee is undergoing a review of its Terms of Reference. One result of this review, will be the splitting of the present single committee into numerous committees that will be better able to serve the wide geographical area that Humber College comprises.

For faculty, this will result in two primary committees: one including the North and Carrier campuses and a second committee including the Lakeshore and Birmingham campuses. Faculty will participate in the committee where they perform their primary work.

Full-time faculty will have participation on the committee recognized on their SWFs (from one to two hours per week, depending upon the level of involvement.) The local is at present negotiating with management regarding payment for partial load faculty on the committees.

The committees will meet regularly to discuss health and safety concerns, perform workplace inspections, and make recommendations for the purpose of improving workplace health and safety. If you are interested in your workplace health and safety, we en-courage both full-time and partial-load faculty to join.

For further information, please contact me at ext 4007.