Strike vs. Strike Mandate Vote – What’s the difference?

Last Updated: August 18, 2021

What is a strike mandate vote?

A strike mandate vote is a confidential vote taken by members prior to a possible strike. A strong (“YES“) strike mandate vote shows the employer that faculty members are united and support the demands that their Bargaining Team has put forward. However, a strong strike mandate vote does not necessarily mean a strike will occur. In the past, employers have been more willing to negotiate when they see such support in great numbers.

Why and how a strike may occur?

If there has been little or no progress during negotiations at the end of a contract, a strike may take place as a last resort. In the event of a strike, members would stop all regular work responsibilities and would participate in the strike, in protest of the lack of meaningful negotiations between both sides.

What are the consequences to members if there is a strike?

No work means no pay from the college. However, during a strike, all OPSEU members who have signed a membership card and who participate in the strike will receive strike pay. Members of Local 562 will also receive top-up pay (this varies college to college). Although our local’s contingency fund was spent during the 2017 strike, we have been able to recover a healthy contingency fund over the past 4 years. In addition, OPSEU will provide letters to members’ banks and/or landlords advising of the strike, to help lessen the financial burden to members during the strike.