Tax on health benefits stopped!

While employee benefits are being attacked in Canada and the U.S., people can and are fighting back. OPSEU is firm in its commitment to prevent further erosion of employee benefits and in advocating for employees who have been denied benefits.

The following newsletter comes from the Joint Insurance Committee (“JIC”) and describes a successful defense of employee benefits in Canada. Any faculty member who has been denied a claim by the college’s insurer under the Extended Health, Dental, Long Term Disability and Life Insurance plans will also find useful information in this newsletter.

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Brought to you by your JIC members:

  • Frank Turco, Local 613 (Sault College)
  • Heather Giardine-Tuck, Local 240 (Mohawk College)
  • Liz Seabrook, Local 125 (Lambton College)
  • Landyn Blais, Local 415 (Algonquin College)
  • Kim Macpherson, OPSEU Benefits Counsellor