Thinking of retiring soon? Learn about retiree benefits.

All full-time and partial-load faculty have the opportunity to elect for coverage under the CAAT Retiree Benefit Plan within 31 days of retirement. After those 31 days, members will not be able to join the plan. Therefore, we urge all members who are nearing retirement to become familiar with retirement benefit options prior to retiring.

Attached below are an information brochure about the CAAT Retirement Benefit Plan and the latest premium costs for the offered plans.

thumbnail of CAATRetireeBenefitBrochure_E               thumbnail of 2017 – PremiumRatesRetirees_E


As a member of OPSEU, you may also take advantage of OPSEU’s retirement benefits. More information can be found on OPSEU’s website: OPSEU Retiree Benefits.