At the Board – Humber’s Campus Development Plan

Volume 27, Issue 4
April 2017

jeff short, board of governors faculty representative


If it feels more crowded than usual, it’s because it is. Colleges Ontario has been collecting and reporting comparative data on available square footage per full-time equivalent students (SF/FTE) at Ontario’s 24 colleges since 2011. In 2015, Humber was among the most packed colleges with only 60.1 SF/FTE, well below the provincial average of 84.2 SF/FTE and the “large-size” college average of 67.7 SF/FTE. According to Capital Development & Facilities Management, based on conservative enrollment growth estimates of only two per cent per year, Lakeshore will run out of classroom space by Winter 2020, followed by North Campus only one year later. This includes recent developments that are already complete, such as the Learning Resource Centre, Lakeshore Commons, Welcome Centre and Fitness Centre (Lakeshore).


The new five year Campus Development Plan (2016-2021) will align with Humber’s Academic Plan and Strategic Enrolment Plan. It will look at how existing spaces are being used and take into account enrolment projections and the need for additional capacity that is fuelled by enrollment growth and new programming. This plan will consider urban design, the student experience, as well as a reasonable allocation of open outdoor spaces, green spaces, and parking. Humber’s current planning standard for space per student is 62.5 SF/FTE. The following briefly describes Humber’s main campus development plans over the next five years, and the anticipated impact on available space for our students.


North Campus

  • Centre for Technology and Innovation (CTI): The CTI facility (82,000 SF) will pioneer a new model of education; it will focus on collaboration and partnership with the communities Humber serves and on technological advances that are needed for innovation, automated manufacturing and human-centred solutions for the 21st century.
  • Centre for Innovation in Health and Wellness (CIHW): In the short-term, the Schools of Health Sciences, Hospitality, Recreation and Tourism, and Social and Community Services will expand independent or inter-disciplinary program, outreach and research initiatives.
  • 1,000 Car Parking Structure: The structure (sited on Lot 2 and the [demolished] Building W Day Care Centre) will replace the surface lot capacity lost due to the construction of the new Centre for Technology and Innovation (CTI) and increase overall capacity.
  • Metrolinx Finch West LRT Station: Humber College is the planned western termination of the new Light Rapid Transit line along Finch Avenue West, with a below-grade station on the southwest intersection of Highway 27 and Humber College Blvd.


Lakeshore Campus

  • Centre of Innovation and Creative Enterprise (COICE): The COICE (redevelopment of buildings A and B) will address three separate but related college academic, research and innovation priorities, and will offer a 400-500 seat high-quality theatre venue for music/performing arts.
  • Parking Lot: A 350-car parking lot will be developed on new land purchased at Birmingham St. and Eighth.


Orangeville Campus

Humber currently leases about 6,800 SF within Orangeville’s Alder Street Recreation Complex offering early childhood education, police foundation, social service, design foundation and college or university transfer programs with a capacity for 200 students. A plan is being investigated to renovate an additional 4,500 SF to accommodate 120 more students.