Ontario’s Public Colleges at 50: A Better Plan

OPSEU: Student success depends on faculty support

For students to succeed, they need the support of faculty who are given enough time and stability to develop curriculum, teach courses, provide out-of-class support, and use what they learn in one term to improve the course for the next. Sadly, the share of faculty who are in full-time positions and able to provide that kind of support to students continues to fall.

Instead, as student enrolment rises, we see an explosive growth in contract faculty, who are given little or no prep time, paid a fraction of what full-time faculty receive, and have no ability to predict from one term to the next whether their position will be continuing.

This isn’t a recipe for a successful college system – this is setting students up to fail. It doesn’t have to be that way, though. As Ontario’s colleges turn 50, the way to set students up for success is to protect full-time faculty jobs and improve contract faculty rights.

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