President’s notes – May 2017

Volume 27, Issue 5
May 2017

Bob Bolf, President, OPSEU Local 562


Congratulations on completing the winter term and surviving all the end of term demands made on faculty (including program coordinators!).

I always felt it is so sweet that the end of the winter term coincides with more sunshine, warmer temperatures and the removal of snow tires. This is a time to feel a sense of satisfaction after completing the term and a sense of looking forward to the upcoming season.

In other respects though, life goes on. Or rather, academic life goes on. We’ve got the spring term to prepare for and so on.

One of the upcoming activities you may be interested in is our General Membership Meeting (GMM) to be held on May 17. At the meeting, we will be reviewing the state of union (literally) and introducing two important motions that will be of interest to faculty. We will be sending out more information about these motions next week to faculties’ private email addresses. If you haven’t given us your private e-mail address and would like to be kept informed of union activities, please signup here:

Additionally, I want to remind you that our collective agreement expires on September 30 of this year. Bargaining will commence sometime during the summer, but management typically delays negotiations as much as possible, so it is likely that not much will happen by the time we come back at the end of August.

As more and more demands are made upon faculty, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and helpless.

This will be a critical round of bargaining. As with most employers, our employer will be asking for “take aways”. It will be attempting to further erode faculty rights and will, no doubt, be making last minute demands to put pressure on the bargaining team to cede some of the rights we now enjoy.

We want to keep you informed as bargaining progresses. In order to do this, I suggest you go to your faculty union steward and tell him/her you would like to be kept informed of what transpires during negotiations.

Second, I encourage you to subscribe to our mailing list (private, secure non-Humber email address only) to receive timely information on bargaining. (This is important as we anticipate Humber may put restrictions on our use of Outlook in communicating to you during negotiations.)

Third, bookmark our website and visit it periodically for updates. You could also follow us on Twitter (@CAATA_Local562) or Facebook (OPSEULocal562).

Finally, if you are a full-time or partial-load faculty, you can formally join our union local by signing a membership card. Membership is free and comes with many advantages, including allowing you to have a voice during negotiations, and in the event of a strike, eligibility for strike benefits such as strike pay. An electronic membership application form is on our website.