Update on Partial Load Registry


One of the positive outcomes of the strike that we all went through in the fall of 2017 was a provision in the new collective agreement that increases the job security for partial-load faculty.  In the past, partial-load faculty were subject to job loss with little or no explanation.

However, commencing this fall, when schools that are hiring a partial-load employee to teach a course, they must give priority to a registered partial-load faculty that previously taught that course if that faculty is currently employed or has previously been employed as a partial-load employee for at least 8 months of service within the last 4 academic years.  The word registered is bolded because it identifies a key aspect of this new procedure – the Partial-Load Registry.  Humber College must now keep a record of the courses that the partial-load employees have taught and the departments/schools where those partial-load employees taught such courses.

At this point however, Humber does not have an official Partial-Load Registry.   Nevertheless, they still must abide by its principles in regards to hiring partial-load faculty for the Fall 2018 semester.  The good news is that if you were a partial-load teacher in the Fall 2017 semester or the Winter/Summer semesters of 2018 at Humber College, you will automatically be considered part of the Registry.  This automatic inclusion into the Registry pertains to Humber College partial-load employees only. Other colleges may have another policy (or no policy) in place for their 2018W and 2018S partial load faculty.

If you are a registered partial-load faculty seeking work for the fall 2018 semester, and if you feel you were not given hiring “priority” for the fall, please contact the Union for assistance.  Watch for future communications about how to ensure that you are included in the Partial-Load Registry for the 2019 calendar year.

last updated: June 21, 2018