CAAT Pension Buy Back Info

Update (Nov 17, 2018): Attached below is a sample of the documents the local will need to verify your retirement date, and amount paid from CAAT Pension. 

Update (Aug 7, 2018): We have recently learned that some partial-load faculty have not been contacted by mail regarding the CAAT Pension buy back option. Therefore, we encourage all partial-load faculty who have not been contacted yet to contact Humber’s Human Resources department directly to get this information. You may also contact CAAT Pension directly at 416.673.9000. 

By now, all faculty should have received a letter from the CAAT pension plan (sent to your home mailing address) with information on purchase of 2017 strike service.

The purchase amount will vary, depending on your deemed earnings during the strike period. For reference, the strike purchase cost for a full-time member at Step 21 is approximately $2700. This amount includes both the employer and the employee contributions.

If you have not received such letter, please contact CAAT Pension directly at 416.673.9000.

Local reimbursement

Recall that prior to the strike, the membership passed a motion to reimburse the employer’s portion of the contribution amount to any faculty member who participated in strike duties, whose pension was affected by the strike, and who is retiring within 5 years of the strike. (In other words, retiring by November 30, 2022). Therefore, we encourage such faculty to keep a record of this service buy back, as the local will require proof of purchase (and proof of retirement) to complete the reimbursement process.


Sample Retirement Documents Received from CAAT Pension:

thumbnail of _Sample Pension buyback amount thumbnail of _Sample Pension retirement date


updated: Aug 26, 2018