Partial-Load Registry Updates (Sept 2018)


Hopefully, you are now well aware of the Partial-Load Registry and its potential impact on your teaching career at Humber. Our goal is to ensure that the College properly abides by its requirements, and as a result, it has a positive impact on the job security for all Partial-Load Faculty.  Here are a couple of things to keep in mind as we move into the Fall/18 semester:

  1. The Registry guidelines should have been followed in regards to the teaching assignments given to all qualified Partial-Load Faculty for this semester. If you feel that you were not offered courses that should have been offered to you, please speak to your Union steward or a Union officer for assistance.  We will analyze your situation and determine whether or not any mistakes were made.
  2. The deadline of October 30th for registering with the Registry for the 2019 calendar year is fast approaching. The College should soon be communicating with all Partial-Load Faculty about the process for registering.  Again, if you have any questions about that process, contact us for help.

The Partial-Load Registry is a new process in our Collective Agreement and as a result, there are bound to be some growing pains with its implementation and operation. We recommend that all partial-load faculty should get familiarized with the registry, described in Article 26.10 of the collective agreement.  And remember, your Union is here to help.

August 21, 2018