June 3, 2020 update

Role of the Steering Committee and overall Return to Campus (RTC) plans:

To create a recovery plan template that addresses all elements of the Work Plan and to create guidelines for all Faculties and Departments at Humber. Faculties will be in charge of creating their own recovery plan, and then share it with all their staff and faculty. Some decisions will be made centrally, like PPE purchasing on behalf of the college and physical distancing in common areas, but most of the recovery plan will be decided Faculty by Faculty. Thus, the administrators of each Faculty will take ownership of their plans. These plans are living documents and should continue to evolve.

Role of Union/Management subcommittee:

To give feedback on all aspects of the RTC plan, and to all sub-committees. In particular, we will address issues that directly concern and affect faculty.

Must all faculty concerns go through the Union reps?

No – although it’s best if you bring your concerns to us. The college plans to give employees the chance for input through various mediums, such as surveys. We believe they will do their best to solicit as many responses as possible. However, many faculty members will be on vacation soon, or are currently not employed by Humber, and you are not obliged to check your Humber emails if you’re on vacation or not actively employed.

Fall semester plans:

The Fall semester will follow the 7-1-7 week structure (Reading Week in Week 8). Currently, the college plans to offer 3500 courses online, and 775 courses with face-to-face components. Therefore, most faculty will not be on campus.

Communication and updates:

The College may continue updating the “COVID-19” section of the Humber website to include Recovery plans. The Local will provide updates on our website.