June 17, 2020 update

last updated: June 18, 2020

Local’s Update

The union reps (L562, L563) were given a brief overview of draft documents of the Recovery Plan created by the sub-committees. These documents included:

  1. a Recovery Plan template for all Faculties, departments, and work units
  2. a workplan for signage that will be used
  3. an attestation form for all students and employees coming onto campus, and
  4. a culminating report of recommendations submitted by the subcommittees.

We received these documents this morning, and have been given until this coming Monday to review them. We will be offering recommendations and feedback on what is currently being presented. Our understanding is that our feedback will be passed onto the Steering Committee and back to the subcommittees for further review, prior to any decisions being made. We are unclear as to whether we will be offered a “second pass” to review any updated drafts.


Update from the College

As mentioned last week, certain students in FAST and FHSW will be returning to North campus and Carrier Drive as of mid-July. There will be no classes at Lakeshore campus for the summer term. Members of the Joint Health and Safety Committee will be doing on-site inspections and meetings with supervisors before the labs are open for classes. In addition, over the summer, the Humber daycare will remain closed. Parking on campus will be free for everyone. Lockers will be free for students, although registration is still required.