June 24, 2020 update

Health and Safety Inspections

The Joint Occupational Health & Safety Committee (JOHSC) will be conducting two inspections of all labs taking place in July and August. The first inspection will be conducted before students return to campus, while the second inspection will be after the labs are up and running. The JOHSC is requesting the participation and physical presence of the supervisors (Associate Deans) during the first inspection. The JOHSC intends to repeat this process for all labs running in the fall semester by late August.


COVID Recovery Plans – Draft review

Upon reviewing each subcommittee’s draft plans, both unions were happy to see that a lot of thought had been put into these documents. We offered feedback based on what was written in the documents. The College stated that our feedback will be reviewed by the Steering Committee (which includes 1 person from each sub-committee), and then the finalized plans will be produced. There will be no 2nd draft or revision due to the time-sensitive need for these documents.

The finalized documents will be shared with all Faculties/Departments at Humber. These documents will serve as a template and guide for each Faculty/Department to create their own Return to Campus plans. The Union will not have any input into each Faculty/Department’s Return to Campus plans, although we hope that each Faculty/Department will engage with their respective employees in this process.

As such, you may receive emails from your Dean/Senior Dean over the summer regarding your area’s Return to Campus plans, even though there is no expectation for you to read, reply, or act on any of the information shared. Seeing as these communications relate directly to your safety and well-being, we recommend that faculty check their emails periodically throughout the summer. If you have concerns regarding the plans shared with you, please let your Faculty administration know, and feel free to email us as well RTC2020@opseu562.org.


Humber Guardian App

Humber plans to have students and employees complete a self-assessment each time they are required on campus. The Humber Guardian app is the preferred method of assessment by the College; a PDF version of the assessment will also be available to those who cannot or choose not to access the app. The app is currently up and running, for anyone who wants to take a look.

Note: Our next meeting is scheduled for July 8, 2020.