July 29, 2020 – update

Attestation Form (now called the “Return to Campus Agreement”)

As previously mentioned, the entire Humber community is expected to sign an Attestation Form (now “Return to Campus Agreement”). This form only needs to be completed once. Humber will keep track of which employees and students have signed, and prioritize ensuring those who are coming onto campus have signed the form. For those who are working/learning from home, a signature is expected as well, to demonstrate that the individual understands the principles and expectations of the College during this “Return to Campus” period.

At the same time, faculty will be able to find out which of their students have signed the form; managers will also be following up with students who have not signed yet. Ideally, all students will have signed and returned the form prior to the start of classes. Student Services will assist in cases where students refuse to sign. 

Humber Guardian App – Self Screening

Before individuals come onto campus, they must complete the self-screening survey on the app. This must be done each and every time you come to campus. Completion of and adhering to the recommendations of the survey will be based on the honour system; Humber will not be tracking or monitoring the surveys.

Student Residence

The Student Residences at North and Lakeshore campuses are open. Currently, the Residences are at 20% capacity (registered). The College feels that the maximum safe capacity of the Residence is 40%. The College has procedures in place to ensure students moving in have sufficient time and space to do so. Other than during move-in, no visitors will be allowed at the Residence. Suites are limited to 1 student per suite, while Single rooms are limited to 2 students per toilet/sink/shower, with a washroom schedule in place. With a small population of students living on campus, the College is planning to hold safe, organized social events.

International Students

The College is expecting approximately 100 new international students in the fall, down from the usual fall intake of 3000 students. In addition, Humber is expecting 150 returning international students, for a total of approximately 250 international students in the fall semester. All students coming from out of country will be quarantined for 14 days in a hotel (not in the Residence). Humber is working with Canada Border Services Agency to ensure proper measures are in place for students returning to Canada.