August 19, 2020 – update

Health & Safety Update – Margaret Fung, Manager, Health & Safety

  1. Health and Safety Training:

    All faculty will be required to take a health and safety training module through BlackBoard. This training covers an introduction to COVID-19, protective measures taken by the college, as well as requirements of employees coming onto campus. It will also discuss what the process is if you show any COVID-19 symptoms, WSIB coverage, and basics of work refusals. A communication from the Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee (JOHSC) was sent to all employees today via Humber email. This training should be completed by employees during the first week that they are back to work, or by September 15th, whichever comes first. The training is AODA compliant and is also available in other formats, if required.

  2. Site-specific Orientation:

    For faculty who are returning to campus in the fall, they should expect a site- specific (room/lab where faculty will be teaching) orientation with their manager in the first week back. This orientation is to ensure that faculty are aware of the safety measures in place, and for faculty to ask questions as needed.

  3. Physical Distancing Champions:

    Across the college, and across all employee groups, individuals have volunteered as “Physical Distancing Champions” (PDCs). The role of these individuals is to ensure that the general areas of the college allow everyone to follow safe physical distancing and to support the general COVID-19 process. PDCs will begin their roles starting August 31.  

    4. Masks:

    Masks are mandatory for anyone going on to campus. However, employees are not required to wear the masks given by Humber; as long as employees are wearing masks, that requirement is met. The college has made a bulk order of masks for employees and students. The college will be providing two masks per individual coming onto campus. The masks are reusable, and are made of a 3-layer cotton blend, and do not come with an insert slot for a filter. Some Faculties/Departments have also ordered their own masks and may be distributing those to their employees/students.

    Teaching faculty and some frontline support employees will have the option to use a clear mask instead. The College is encouraging teaching faculty to wear the clear mask so that students will be able to see faculty’s faces and/or mouth. However, the final decision of which mask to wear is completely up to the faculty member. Any other person who feels they would benefit from wearing a clear mask can make the request to their supervisor and/or the JOHSC.