Sept 30, 2020 – update

COVID reporting process

We had previously shared information on the protocols of reporting COVID incidents (Aug 26, Sept 2, Sept 9). The College has also developed and posted an FAQ document with scenarios on how to respond to them. Of course – nothing aligns! Since our Sept 9 meeting with the Committee, we were not notified of any changes to the protocol. However, today’s meeting confirmed another modification to protocol:

  • Each person is responsible for self-reporting.
  • For faculty: if you are ill (regardless of illness), report to your supervisor that you are ill (as previously done pre-COVID). There is no need to disclose any other information, such as diagnosis. Your AD will then respond to you and advise that IF you have COVID-related symptoms, to notify the COVID Reporting team.
    • Therefore, if you have COVID-related symptoms, you are to report it to or by phone 416.675.5007. There is NO REQUIREMENT to report this information to your AD or to anyone else.
    • The COVID Reporting Team will conduct a risk assessment (see Process for Triage) and provide directions regarding further actions, such as class cancellation, COVID testing, etc.  
  • For students: if they report to you that they have COVID symptoms, remind them that they are to self-report to or 416.675.5007. There is no need to give any information to your AD, nor to report the matter yourself to the COVID Reporting Team. This is the student’s responsibility.
  • When a report is made via email or phone, there is a set triage protocol in place, which can be found below.
  • We are told that the College will be updating the FAQ document on their website to reflect the (current) reporting protocols.

Update by College: Statistics – Completion of Attestation Form

  • 98.5% of Humber students 
  • 94% of Guelph-Humber students
  • 63% of Humber employees
  • 67% of Guelph-Humber employees


Congregating spaces for Students – Birmingham (Lakeshore)

Last week, we shared that the College has designated spaces for students to convene indoors while on campus, while maintaining physical distancing. Today, the College shared that the gym at Birmingham will be revamped into an appropriate space for students.


Positive COVID Cases

Last week, we also shared news of Humber’s COVID-19 positive case page: If you are not aware yet, two positive cases were reported last week. The Joint Health & Safety Committee was not informed, nor were the Unions; we found out via the website. 

The Unions asked the College for general details on the cases, such as campus of occurrence, specific date(s) the individuals were on campus, etc. At this time, the College has not share this information with us, but has committed to revisiting the matter (of how much information can be shared with us) with Margaret Fung, Manager of Health & Safety. We have shared our concerns that by not providing some context to the data, it will cause undue stress to those who are presently on campus.