Oct 14, 2020 – update

Birmingham building – update

The College confirmed that as of Oct 26, the gym in Birmingham will be open to Humber students for academic purposes, while following current safety protocols. A separate entrance, with security guards present, will be open to allow students to enter and exit the space. 

COVID-19 Cases on Campus

The College is continuing to review their protocols and procedures with respect to COVID-19 reporting and triage. Public Health has made a decision to no longer do contact tracing, so the college will now take over that responsibility. 

Toolkit for Staff

The College’s resources on the website will continue to be updated based on changes to safety protocols and reporting procedures.  For faculty, please keep in mind that safety is always the top priority. If students are not complying with safety regulations, you have the right to ask them to leave your class. You will not be disciplined for enforcing safety protocols that students have already agreed to (in the Return to Campus Agreement). If students are not cooperating, please call Public Safety for assistance, and notify your Associate Dean.