Oct 28, 2020 – update

Update from the COVID Reporting Team
(Reported by Margaret Fung and Jacqueline Anderson)

The COVID Reporting Team is expanding to accommodate its increasing workload. We were told that 2 nursing positions and 3 intake positions will be added to the COVID Reporting Team. The team will also be in charge of contact tracing, but will continue to work closely with Public Health every step of the way.

Positive COVID cases will continue to be reported on Humber’s Reporting website: https://humber.ca/campus-return/covid-19-reporting-summary.

Faculty/Instructors Resources

Current resources will be updated to reflect the recent changes in reporting protocols. The title will also be renamed to ‘Staff Resources’, as support staff also interact with students and may be faced with situations discussed in the FAQ guide.  

Compensation Under Quarantine

The Union raised questions regarding how employees will be compensated if they are told to quarantine at home. The College responded that situations will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. In general, an individual who is willing and able to work, but is asked to stay home, will continue to work from home and will continue to receive pay as per usual. If an individual is willing and able to work from home, but no work is available, they will be paid ‘pandemic pay’. If an individual is unable to work due to illness, short term disability benefits, if available, would apply.