Last Updated: March 17, 2022

This faculty strike manual is specific to members of the Humber Faculty Union (OPSEU local 562) only. If you are a current full-time and partial-load professor, instructor, counsellor, or librarian employed by Humber College, please read through this document carefully!

The Strike Manual is available in PDF format, or in the accordion-style FAQ below.

If members need help troubleshooting issues with respect to registering or updating information on the Member Portal, they can email

Please note: as the bargaining landscape may change very quickly, please check back often for update.

 – Trailer at Lot 4 – starting Friday March 18

 – Trailer at Lot 1 – starting Monday March 21

By Email: (please be patient, as we have a high volume of emails)
– General or membership inquiries:
– Accommodations/Cross Picketing inquiries:
– Financial inquiries:

By Social Media:
– Twitter: @OPSEULocal562
– Facebook: OPSEULocal562
– Instagram: OPSEULocal562

  • Please ensure you are signed up for our mailing list: Please ensure to use a non-Humber email address.

Members who require an accommodation based on a protected ground under the Ontario Human Rights Code may apply by completing and submitting Form J (Picketing/Accommodation Information) via email to When you submit the form to for accommodated work, it would be helpful for us if you could share what limitations you have that may impact your ability to participate in in-person or online picketing e.g. unable to walk/picket in-person for extended periods of time, needing flexible strike hours. You are not required to share specific information about your circumstances, but you are required to share enough information about your circumstances that will allow us to determine appropriate accommodations. Members seeking accommodations have a duty to cooperate in finding accommodation solutions. A member of the accommodations team may reach out to you to discuss your request before assigning you a specific task or set of tasks for you to undertake. All requests are confidential.

At the General Membership Meeting in November 2021, the membership passed the following motion: Where a FT member’s pension is affected by a strike that occurs within the best 60 consecutive months as used in the calculation for the member’s pension entitlement, or a PL member’s pension is affected by a strike, the Local shall reimburse the member for an amount equal to the employer’s contributions that would have been made during the period of the work stoppage. To be eligible for reimbursement, the member must have performed regular strike duties (or approved modified strike duties) and not have engaged in strike breaking. Payments are only to be made upon retirement. The member must present confirmation of their retirement date and proof of contribution payment to the CAAT Pension Plan prior to being reimbursed by the Treasurer of OPSEU Local 562. All pension-related matters will be dealt with after the strike ends.

The Local does not currently have a Hardship Fund. However, OPSEU head office has a Hardship Fund. The application form and details can be found here: 2020-12_Regional-Hardship-Form_fillable_c.pdf (

Members may apply to picket at another college. Upon both locals’ approval, the member can picket at the other college and will continue to receive our local’s strike pay top-up. Members must apply by completing and submitting Form J (Picketing/Accommodation Information) via email to College’s Local numbers can be found here. Once you’re indicated which college you wish to picket at, please send us the form. We will send it to the other college and find out whether they are accepting visitor picketers. Once we hear back, we will get back to you.

  • It will take approximately one week for the approval process to be completed. Please continue picketing at Humber College until you hear from us.
  • Any cross-picketing completed prior to receiving our approval will not be paid the top-up payment.
  • All members can interchangeably picket at Lakeshore, North, or the Flying Picket squad; you do not need to complete Form J to picket at different Humber campuses. The Form is only for picketing at another college.

Any member who does not conduct oneself in a respectful and appropriate manner will be asked to leave the premises. On a first violation, the individual will be verbally warned then asked to leave, but will still be compensated for the number of full hours worked that day. On a second violation, the individual will not be paid for the day. On a third violation, the individual will be denied strike pay for the remainder of the strike.

 – North – Parking Lot 4
– Lakeshore – Parking Lot 1
Faculty do not need to have a parking permit to park in these lots during the strike. Parking is free. Due to limited space, we encourage you to carpool if that’s possible.

Faculty who are currently on maternity/parental leave will not receive the college’s top-up payment for the duration of the strike. In the spirit of solidarity, however, the local will pay faculty on leave the Local’s portion of strike pay top-up. If possible, we ask that these faculty members participate in accommodated strike duties. Please note that OPSEU will only pay for strike pay if you participate in strike duties. If you are currently on maternity/parental leave, please contact us at about possible strike duties suitable for you.

The Local recognizes and respects all religious holidays. We ask those who cannot perform strike duties on certain days or times to let us know in advanced such that accommodations can be put into place. Please contact as early as possible.

 – North: The college is allowing members to use the restrooms in the BCTI building.
Lakeshore: The college is allowing members to use the restrooms in the Wellness Centre. In addition, there are various public restrooms in the area.

  • Please remember not to take any picketing materials with you onto campus property. Humber access procedures apply (Guardian App/screener questions).

We have been notified by Humber HR that they will not offer faculty on sabbatical the option to continue sabbatical through the strike, as they have in the past. This means that faculty who are currently on sabbatical should participate in the strike to receive strike pay. Accommodations are available to those who require one (see Accommodations).

You must sign in and sign out so that we know how many hours you worked! We are steering away from paper-based registration, and moving to electronic registration using Eventbrite. Please visit our registration website: Events are separate by location (North/Lakeshore/Flying Squad) and date. For each date that you picket, you will need to register for 2 events: one SIGN IN and one SIGN OUT. When you arrive to your location on picket day, you can either give your picket captain your name, or provide the QR code on your SIGN IN ticket. This will register your time of arrival. Similarly, as you leave, provide your name or QR code to the picket captain to log your sign-out time. You can do this with any picket captain (doesn’t have to be the same one you signed in with). We hope this will reduce line-ups and wait times for paper-based registration. For those who are having difficulty with electronic registration or forget to pre-register, paper-based registration will be available on site (at the trailer).

Shifts begin when you SIGN IN, and end when you SIGN OUT. Hours are logged in increments of 0.5 hours. Twenty (20) hours worked counts as one full week of strike duties completed. Minimum shift length is four (4) hours. Faculty may work more than 4 hours in a day if they so choose. Pay will be pro-rated for weekly shifts totaling less than 20 hours. Hours cannot be carried forward.

  • Standard work shifts: Mon – Fri: 4 hours/day = 20 hours
  • Sample modified shift: Mon/Tues (6 hours/day) + Wed/Fri (4 hours/day) = 20 hours

We urge all members to demonstrate solidarity at the picket line. However, if a member is ill and cannot fulfill these duties, please contact us as soon as possible at The Local will accept the faculty’s absence in good faith and will excuse the faculty from performing strike duties for the day without a reduction in local strike pay top-up, for 1 day (4 hours/day), no documentation required. This may change if faculty start abusing this policy. For absences longer than a day, please contact us:

Humber College will not contribute to faculty benefits plan during the strike. However, CEC is allowing OPSEU to pay the Employer portion of the benefits, so benefits will continue for the duration of the strike.

See section: “Strike Pay”.

For faculty who are currently on vacation, vacation stops if we start the picket strike. You would participate in strike duties, just like your colleagues. Any remaining days owed should be still available to faculty when the strike is over.

Please be sure to throw any garbage in the appropriate receptacles. If you would like to enjoy a complimentary hot beverage from our hospitality suite (trailer), please bring a re-useable mug.

  1. Members must be signed members in good standing to receive strike pay. Ensure you are eligible for strike pay. Follow the 4 steps listed on our website:
  2. Faculty will only be paid if the strike lasts longer than 1 day. (OPSEU Strike Policy 25.2-5.5.1)
  3. Strike Pay: all strike pay is tax-free income (no tax is paid on it).
    • Weeks 1 to 3: $12.50/hour for a total of $250.00 per week.
    • Weeks 4+: $17.50/hour for a total of $350 per week.
    • $55 per week for each dependent [NEW: we have just learned that OPSEU will be pro-rating dependent pay, as with strike pay]

A dependent is: a non-income-earning spouse (excludes spouse on strike); a child under 18 (or under 26 if attending school full-time) OR a dependent child as defined by the collective agreement or the benefit plan; a disabled family member; or an elderly family member who normally receives financial support from the striking member (OPSEU Strike Policy, 25.2-5.3.3). For clarity, dependent in this context should be understood to have the same meaning as a dependent for income tax purposes.

  • Due to our fiduciary duty to our members, the Local reserves the right to request proof of dependents for auditing purposes.
  • Members who participate in strike duties will be paid by 2 sources: OPSEU Head Office and the Local. The Local’s top up pay will match OPSEU’s strike pay. As such, faculty can expect 2 separate deposits made (one from each source).

4. Strike pay is earned on a daily basis but paid on a weekly basis. Payments will be deposited on Fridays.

5. Faculty who are partial-load at two different locals during this strike will not receive double strike pay. (OPSEU Strike Policy, 25.2-5.3.12)

6. Only members who perform the assigned strike duties will be paid. Any member who is involved in strikebreaking activity (see “What constitutes strike breaking?”) will not be compensated, and may be subject to further actions outlined in Article 30 of the OPSEU Constitution.

 1.  Message for your email: Faculty may use this message (alter as you see fit) as your Humber email auto-respondent (out of office). To do this from a web browser, log in, then at the top right corner of the page, choose “Options”, then “Set Automatic Replies”:

As you may know, over 16,000 college faculty across Ontario have been engaged in a legal strike action called Work to Rule since December 18, 2021. For three months now, we have gradually escalated this action in an effort to get the College Employer Council (CEC) to negotiate a deal or agree to binding interest arbitration. As of today, the CEC is still unwilling to budge. We need this to change.

On Monday, March 14, 2022, the Bargaining Team announced that we will be commencing a full cessation of work, with picketing, starting on Friday, March 18 at 12:01 A.M. Binding interest arbitration is not a win for faculty. It’s not a win for College Presidents. It’s a win for students. Ask President Whitaker to pressure the CEC to resolve this dispute through binding interest arbitration and save this semester for students.

For more information, please visit

2.  Notice for your students: Faculty may use this message (alter as you see fit) as a notice on Blackboard for your students:

As you may know, over 16,000 college faculty across Ontario have been engaged in a legal strike action called Work to Rule since December 18, 2021. For three months now, we have gradually escalated this action in an effort to get the College Employer Council (CEC) to negotiate a deal or agree to binding interest arbitration. As of today, the CEC is still unwilling to budge. We need this to change.

Our Bargaining Team has announced that if the CEC does not agree to interest arbitration by Friday, March 18 at 12:01 a.m., faculty will stop all work and begin picketing. You can find a full explanation of this decision in this letter. It is not one we wanted to make, but we hope it gives us all a path forward to finishing the winter term. This week, we need you to tell President Whitaker and the CEC to resolve this dispute with arbitration and save your semester.

Binding interest arbitration is not a win for faculty. It’s not a win for College Presidents. It’s a win for you – the students.

For more information, please visit

3.  Ensure all grades are removed from BlackBoard: If you haven’t done so already, please download your course grades and upload “template” grades. You can do this in a few simple steps; we have prepared this guidebook for you.

    • Where possible, remove any course materials that can be used to continue the course without you.

4.  Strike Pay: Make sure you are eligible for strike pay; refer to

5.  Communications: Ensure that you are signed up and receiving our emails. (Sign up here: Please also check your spam/junk folders and safelist our email address. All of our emails start with [OPSEU562], should you need to search for a message in your inbox.

At any time, you can email us if you have questions or concerns:

  • Check the weather often! Be prepared to be outdoors for 4 hours: umbrella, boots, gloves/mitts, hats, coats. Keep some extra clothes/shoes in your car, if that is an option. Bring essential medication with you.
  • Wear comfortable shoes!
  • Check your email at least once daily. We will be sending reminders and updates to you daily (up to several emails per day, as needed, during the strike).
  • Arrive early before your shift begins. Your shift begins when you sign in. Be sure to also sign out such that your hours are properly logged.

The goal of our picketing strategy is education, not disruption. We are doing “information pickets” (meaning we are offering information and creating awareness of our bargaining issues). Share your experiences with others; ask your students to join us on the picket line.

  1. First and foremost, your safety and well-being are the most important. Wear comfortable and weather-appropriate footwear.
  2. Maintain a professional and peaceful manner at all times.
    • Language
    • Body language/gestures
    • Keep noise level low
    • No illegal actions
  3. Faculty should picket in highly visible areas. No matter where you are, always be careful of traffic.
  4. Take breaks when needed.
  5. When using Humber restrooms, no picketing materials can be brought onto Humber property.
  6. All picketers must obey traffic lights.
  7. Don’t hesitate to photograph/film any suspicious or illegal behaviour.

Please note: Photos/videos will likely be taken by management, the media, as well as us (the union). For your safety, please be mindful of your actions and behavior on the picket line.

In general, any work associated with Humber, where the college is sponsoring or compensating you, or you are representing Humber, should stop immediately once we are on strike. This includes (but is not limited to):

  • Accepting any academic work from the college
  • Answering messages on your Humber accounts (ie: email, Teams, BlackBoard messages)
  • Engaging in any work virtually, as a Humber employee (ie: updating BlackBoard)
  • Any professional development related to Humber or your duties at Humber
  • Attendance/presenting at any webinars, town halls, conferences, or similar events offered by Humber
  • Any Humber-related correspondence (online or in-person) with students
  • Stepping onto Humber property (except for restroom use)
  • Using Humber’s gym and fitness facilities

As educators, we understand that student learning may be affected by maintaining these stances. Our goal is positively impact learning for the long term, therefore, we urge all faculty to maintain vigilance as a part of our bargaining efforts.

Actions will be taken against those who choose to strike-break (OPSEU Constitution: Article 30). Due to our fiduciary duty to our members, the Local will take action against any member who violates this policy.

  • Locations: North campus, Lakeshore campus, and the flying picket squad (goes to various locations across the GTA, not just college campus locations).
  • Shifts: 10 am – 2 pm; 12 pm – 4 pm