If you are looking for auto, home, or extended health benefits (including dental), contact Johnson Insurance for a quote – it’s free! OPSEU 562 members get a special discount (use Code ‘R1′ or search for ‘Humber College Faculty‘ or ‘OPSEU 562). Call the toll-free number above, or visit https://www.johnson.ca for a free online quote.

  • Health/dental coverage allows you to can have continuous coverage with Johnson all year round. Premiums are tax-deductible on your income tax. Three coverage options are available (see below):
    thumbnail of PTS – Johnson Personal Health Planthumbnail of How to apply for Johnson Insurance

For more information, please contact:

Dianne D’Amico, R.I.B.O.
Associate Consultant, Johnson Insurance
95 Mural St. Suite 500 | Richmond Hill, ON |L4B 3G2
t. 905.764.4923
c. 905.751.5441
t.f. 833.803.1228