January 8, 2022

In the latest version of their FAQ, the College Employer Council (CEC) is asserting that faculty are engaged in a “partial walkout strike” rather than work-to-rule, and include a veiled threat around reduced pay during partial strikes. This is only their interpretation, not a fact. They have also asserted very publicly that no faculty should experience reprisal over participation in legal strike action, including work-to-rule.

The College has chosen to follow CEC’s direction and increase their threats against faculty for exercising their legal right to engage in this union activity. Some managers have been sending out coercive and intimidating messages to faculty — classic union busting, “captive audience” communication tactics. These messages focus on a number of key areas we have identified as part of the work-to-rule action: start-up week activities, coordinator work, and email signature lines/auto-responders.

This behaviour is both disappointing and illegal. We have sent several letters to management to cease and desist this behaviour (see below), and we will continue to escalate matters should this behaviour continue.

January 6, 2022: Letter to Management from Local President, Miloš Vasić

thumbnail of 2022-01-06 Cease and Desist

January 7, 2022: Letter to Management from Bargaining Team Chair, JP Hornick

thumbnail of 2022-01-07 BT email to management

NEW: January 7, 2022: Letter to Graham Lloyd, CEO of CEC from OPSEU President Smokey Thomas

thumbnail of 2022-01-08 Letter to Graham Lloyd CEC