Who can join:
  • teaching faculty who are full-time or partial-load (teaches more than 6 hours to 12 hours per week) status
  • all counsellors
  • all librarians

How to join:

To become a member of our local, you must fill out a simple, one-page application form. A hard copy of the form may be obtained at our office (F105, north campus). In the past, a hard-copy application form was required by OPSEU head office. Most recently, however, OPSEU has evolved to also allow the submission of electronic applications forms. Below, you will find important information for all new faculty, as well as a copy of the electronic application form to be filled out and sent back to us by mail or email.

If you have further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at 416-675-6622 ext. 4007.