The Partial-Load (PL) Registry is a record of a PL employee’s teaching history at a specific college. If an employee registers by the deadline each year, the employee is indicating that they are interested in working in a PL capacity for the upcoming academic year, and they would have hiring priority rights for those previously taught courses. The deadline for registering interest for the 2023-2024 academic year was April 30, 2023. All faculty who have registered would have received a confirmation email at the time of registration. If you missed this deadline, you will not have hiring priority rights for the year, however, it does not preclude you from obtaining a PL contract.

The College collects all registration data and reviews the information for accuracy. Upon completion of the review (usually takes several weeks), the College provides a copy of the PL Registry to the Union, as per Article 26.10 D of the new 2021-2024 Collective Agreement. The latest revision of the Registry was provided to us on September 13, 2023.

Your Associate Deans use the PL Registry to offer work to contract faculty in accordance with our collective agreement. The search function below allows all contract faculty to confirm their inclusion on the PL Registry. If you believe that your information is incorrect, please contact us at, and we will assist you with the review.

To use the search tool, you will require your Employee Number, which you used to registered for the PL Registry.


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