Posting on social media is a powerful tool for awareness building among students and the public, community building with our colleagues, and correcting misinformation.

Here are some ways you can help the strike on social media:

  1. If you have an account on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, share our content or post your own supportive message using one or more of these hashtags: #standwithfaculty, #collegestrike, #ontariocollegestrike, #wepaytolearn. Posts with images get far more traction.
  2. Retweet content expressing support from students and others.
  3. Share your own original content that is positive and engaging around the message that this is about fairness and quality of education for students.
  4. Retweet relevant media reports, correcting any misinformation, where possible.
  5. Post your photo with your sign and one or more of these hashtags #standwithfaculty, #collegestrike or #wepaytolearn
  6. Retweet info from and our social accounts: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
  7. Change your profile pictures to the “I support college faculty” badge. Save the file and then update your profile picture with the image.