As we’ve stressed, every step we have taken so far is meant to achieve a collective agreement without escalation to a full strike. We continue to seek every possible avenue towards resolution and have repeatedly expressed our willingness to engage in binding interest arbitration to the CEC. Part of ensuring we succeed at this time is proactively ensuring we are prepared for any potentially necessary further steps. In preparation for further escalation of our strike action, we ask that faculty complete the following 4 steps:

STEP 1:  Ensure that you are a SIGNED MEMBER of the local. You are a “signed member” if you have filled out an OPSEU membership form, and/or have an OPSEU membership card. If you participated in the strike in 2017, you should be a signed member. You can retrieve your Union ID by asking us via email. If you are not a signed member yet, please fill out the membership form here. This membership form goes to OPSEU Head Office. Once they process your application, they will send your information to the us, and we will send the confirmation back to you.

STEP 2:  Setup Direct Deposit with OPSEU Head Office.

In the event of a strike/lockout, members who perform strike duty will receive strike pay from OPSEU Head Office by direct deposit. Register through the OPSEU Members Portal (Please note that registration is case sensitive; For reference: Members Portal Registration Guide). You will need your Member ID # (also called Union #, found on your OPSEU membership card) to register. If you don’t know this #, you can email us. If you need help troubleshooting issues with respect to registering or updating information on the Member Portal, please email MemberPortal@opseu.org.

If you have previously registered in the Member Portal, you should still log in to ensure the existing information is correct with respect to your dependents and direct deposit banking information. To revise banking information, go to Quick Links at the top right  > Direct Deposit Agreement.

STEP 3Setup Direct Deposit with the Local. In addition to the strike pay from OPSEU Head Office, members who perform strike duty will also receive a secondary payment from the Local. To setup direct deposit, please send a void cheque (or direct deposit form) and a completed Form B to treasurer@opseu562.org. Please ensure both file names include your first and last name. The banking information that you provide us can be the same or different information than what was provided to OPSEU Head Office.  Please ensure all information on Form B is spelled correctly, and that your banking information is clear.

NOTE: A dependent is:

  • a non-income-earning spouse (excludes spouse on strike)
  • a child under 18 (or under 26 if attending school full-time) OR a dependent child as defined by the collective agreement or the benefit plan
  • a disabled family member
  • or an elderly family member who normally receives financial support from the striking member (OPSEU Strike Policy, 25.2-5.3.3).

For clarity, dependent in this context should be understood to have the same meaning as a dependent for income tax purposes. Due to our fiduciary duty to our members, the Local reserves the right to request proof of dependents for auditing purposes.

STEP 4:  Sign up for our mailing list. In the event of a strike, we will be communicating with you through your private (non-Humber) emails only. If you haven’t done so already, please sign up here: http://eepurl.com/cWPY9P. Please ensure to click the confirmation link that is sent to your email (check junk/spam folders if needed), and add us to your “safe” list.