last updated: March 14, 2018

Preparing student accommodations can be a timely task. Therefore, the local has prepared some tools that may help faculty keep track of the time you spend managing students requiring an accommodation.

Currently, full-time faculty are allotted 6 hours to complete “administrative tasks” which includes preparing work for students requiring accommodations, meeting with students outside of class, and other administrative tasks that may be required by your program (such as entering attendance). Partial-load faculty are given no extra hours or compensation for completing these tasks.

If you find that your workload is dramatically increased due to these student accommodations and/or other administrative tasks, having a written record of your time will be helpful; you can use these documents to discuss with your manager a fair and proper workload/compensation that accurately reflects the work that you’re doing.

We have prepared a few variations; feel free to use whichever is most suitable for you, or to modify as needed.

Tracking Sheets: