by Jennifer Leonard, Faculty, School of Media Studies & IT
Feb 4, 2019

Humber College is a Leave for Change partner, an initiative of Uniterra, a program of international cooperation developed jointly by CECI and WUSC. Humber is now accepting applications for various positions and the deadline is February 18th.

Full-time employees have the opportunity to participate in a three to four week volunteer assignment in a developing country.  In most cases,  travelling and accommodation expenses are covered and you may even  receive a stipend. In 2013, I travelled to Kathmandu, Nepal where I worked as a marketing and communications advisor with the Professional Development and Research Centre (PDRC). In this capacity, I was able to help economically challenged Dalit students achieve access to quality education. I also assisted PDRC with its networking efforts with various institutions of higher learning. This truly was a life-changing opportunity.

If selected for an assignment, you will receive two days of intensive training in Toronto prior to departure where you review expectations with a group of participants from various organizations. The training includes information on adjusting to a new culture and a new way of working and learning.

Usually, assignments take place during your vacation but I applied 10 of my professional development days as part of my assignment leaving on June 8 and finishing up on July 4.  Check Section 11:01H1 – H3 of our Collective Agreement for more details.

Go to Humber’s HR website (careers) to see if there are opportunities that match your skill set. Click on this link for more info or go to:

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