Are the hours on my SWF averaged out over the semester?

In a regular term, yes, hours have been averaged over the term (for example: evaluations during midterm week is often must heavier than evaluations during the 2nd week of class.). However, as we are actively engaged in Work to Rule, there is no averaging of hours. In other words, during Work to Rule, unused hours will not be carried forward to the following week.

For example, if you have been given 0.5 h for meetings on the back of your SWF, it means you can attend up to 30 minutes of meetings each week. Once you’ve hit that weekly maximum, you will no longer attend meetings. There may be weeks where you have no meetings; that time does not carry forward to the following week. Similarly, if your SWF says you have 3.89 hours attributed for evaluation for Course 1, then once you’ve hit that time cap, you stop working on evaluations for that course.

If you need help reviewing your SWF, you can visit our Decode Your SWF page or contact us.