As a part-time professor, what should I tell students about work to rule?

If you are part-time status (teaching 6 hours or less per week), you are not unionized, and therefore, not legally a part of the work to rule job actions. Still, you are a frontline worker, who is essential to our students’ learning. You are not obliged to shared information with your students, but it would be helpful if you did. Keep in mind that most of our students do not know the difference between a full-time, partial-load, or part-time professor. To the students, they just see faculty as being in a strike action, without the ability to differentiate between those who are and aren’t part of the union.

You are not required to disclose your employment status, however, if you are part-time, it may be helpful to communicate that with your students so that they know your hands are tied. You can also direct students to our Student FAQ page: which we will continue to update throughout WTR.