My Associate Dean has said that “decisions about delivery format rest with management”. What should I say?

Because we’re in a legal strike position, our Bargaining Team determines what constitutes struck work. Our legal experts have spoken: “The direction to engage in a strike, and the nature of the strike action, are matters for the union to determine. The College Employer Council (CEC) and the Colleges have no role to play in determining the nature, timing, or scope of a union’s strike activity, and are not required to agree with or approve the union’s actions.”

As a union member, you have a legal right to engage in Work to Rule, and in Phase 3 (which started March 2, 2022), the Union determined that for those who have been teaching classes online thus far this semester, faculty can decide whether they will return to in-person learning or remain online for the remainder of the semester. 

In response to your AD’s message, you can say the following (adjust as needed):

Dear [Associate Dean],

Thank you for your message. The decision to continue my class online is part of a legal job action that began December 18 and includes over 16,000 members of the CAAT-A bargaining unit.

My right to participate in this work-to-rule action was acknowledged by the College Employer Council on January 4, when they published that Colleges “are prohibited from taking any negative action against any employee because of that employee’s individual decision to participate, or not to participate, in the activities of the Union. That includes work-to-rule and other strike action.” These rights are protected by the Colleges Collective Bargaining Act.

I respectfully reiterate that I will not be performing struck work as directed by the Bargaining Team. As always, I will ensure my students are supported in their learning for the remainder of the term.

[Your name]