What are the Bargaining Team’s directions on synchronous classes and recordings?

If you recall, in March 2020, faculty had moved all their courses to online delivery due to the pandemic. Since then, we’ve established that faculty have the right to choose to deliver the course synchronously, asynchronously, or a mix of both. During the pandemic, and prior to work to rule, those who were delivering courses synchronously may record the lecture portion (where new material is taught; not discussions, evaluations, role plays, etc.), but are not required to do so if the learning material is provided to your students in a different way (ie: PowerPoint slides, PDFs, links to other videos, etc.). This agreement was made in good faith with the College, to ensure students were given ample opportunity to be successful in their courses.

As we are currently in work to rule, the Bargaining Team is reinforcing the fact that it is faculty’s choice whether classes are delivered synchronously or not, for all courses, including courses that are expected to be delivered face-to-face. Similarly, absent a student’s requirement for accommodation, it is up to faculty whether to make lecture recordings or not.┬áThe college cannot direct either of those things, and certainly not during work to rule. To re-iterate, if a student has an accommodation requiring a recording, faculty must oblige. It is only necessary to share recordings with students requiring accommodation.

Please note: If you choose to record your classes, use the Bargaining for Better background in your recordings. We also recommend uploading your videos to Google Drive or YouTube, not directly onto BlackBoard.