What does “reduced to writing” mean?

The language in Article 14.03 A3 of the imposed Terms and Conditions states that “Coordinators report to the academic manager who assigns their specific duties, which shall be reduced to writing prior to the acceptance of the designation, subject to changes as circumstances require.” This term has been imposed on Program Coordinators by the Employer. It means that your manager must provide you with clear and explicit details of your PC duties. Once you’ve been provided with this information, ensure that the time you’ve been allotted to perform these duties is reflective of the amount of work being asked of you. If it is not, you can negotiate the terms of your work (including changes to the duties, and/or changes to the hours provided for PC duties). If no agreement can be reached, you can either refer your SWF to the Workload Monitoring Group, or choose to step down from the PC role. In any case, clear details must be provided to you prior to commencing your PC duties for Winter 2022.