What does work-to-rule look like for counsellors and accessibility consultants?

It’s important that counsellors and accessibility consultants limit their work time to 35 hours per week, or 7 hour per day. Throughout the labour dispute, supporting students should remain your priority. You should continue to meet with students and complete the related follow-up and documenting tasks. Any voluntary activities (such as committee work, projects, workshops, etc.) can be halted. However, committee or project work that is explicitly assigned should be done, if it fits within your 7 hour work day. We recommend prioritizing your duties and working according to that list each day (up to 7 hours per day). Once you’ve hit your daily worked hours, stop. If it means that some of your assigned work cannot be completed, notify your manager. Finally, please use your professional judgement to assess circumstances: tending to emergency student situations that may put you over 7 hours that day will not be viewed as strike breaking.