What does work-to-rule look like for full-time professors/instructors?

For most faculty, your SWFs begin January 10, 2022 (the start of your assigned work period). Your SWFs stipulate how much time you should be spending on each course (for preparation, evaluation, and teaching). It also provides you 6 hours for “complementary functions”, such as supporting students 1:1, office hours, responding to emails, uploading materials for classes, etc. On the 2nd page of the SWF, you may have other assigned work, such as department meetings, committee work, research, curriculum development, mentorship, etc. In all cases, please ensure you keep track of your hours and limit your weekly workload to what the SWF stipulates. If a task is not explicitly assigned to you, do not do it. Any volunteer work or work above the assigned limit is deemed as ‘struck work’. For a refresher on how to read your SWF: see Decoding the SWF. You can also contact us if you need help understanding your SWF.