What does work-to-rule look like for librarians?

As each librarian may have a different work assignment, it is crucial to stick to your 35 hours per week (or 7 hours per day) limit. Any voluntary activities (such as committee work, projects, workshops, etc.) can be halted. However, committee or project work that is explicitly assigned should be done, if it fits within your 7 hour work day. We recommend prioritizing your duties and working according to that list each day or week. Once you’ve hit your daily worked hours, stop. If it means that some of your assigned work cannot be completed, notify your manager. We also recommend letting the students and faculty members that you work with know the limits of your working abilities, such as: your availability (for example: via email, M – F, 9 am – 5 pm), the reason why appointments may be delayed or cancelled (ie: having reached your workload limit), and a contact person they can reach for further assistance (ie: your Manager). You can do this by adding an auto-responder to your emails, or adding information in your email signature.