What does work-to-rule look like for partial-load professors/instructors?

For partial-load faculty, work to rule is limited to your academic (teaching) contracts. In other words, any other paid work, such as mandatory training or meetings, work falling under support staff or admin contracts, or paid work to transition courses to BlackBoard Ultra can be completed, and will not count as strike breaking. However, we urge all partial-load faculty to confirm that such work is all paid, as all volunteer work is currently deemed as ‘struck work’. If you have been given an informal offer partial-load work, ensure you receive your contract as soon as possible.

If, by the first day of classes, you have not received your formal contract, please contact your supervisor immediately. Once your contract has begun, ensure that you work only the hours stipulated on your contract. Track the hours that you work per week, and only work up to the # of hours outlined on your contract (see table below). For example, if you are hired on a 9-hour contract, your work week is capped at 19.5 hours. This time includes preparation, evaluation, class time, time spent supporting students, and all administrative tasks related to your academic contract.

We recommend prioritizing your to do list, and working from that list until you’ve hit your weekly maximum.

Finally, we recommend that you let your students know the limits of your working conditions during this work to rule period, such as: your availability (for example: via email, M/W/F: 2 – 4 pm), the reason why responses may be delayed (ie: having reached your workload limit), and a contact person they can reach for further assistance (ie: your Associate Dean). You can do this by adding an auto-responder to your emails, or adding information in your email signature.