What is “work to rule”?

On December 13, 2021, the College Employer Council imposed terms and conditions on faculty. Because of our successful strike mandate vote, the Faculty Bargaining Team gave the Employer notice, and effective December 18, 2021, faculty are in a legal strike position.

Work to rule exists within the sphere of strike action. Work to rule is a job action  in which employees do their jobs exactly as outlined by the rules of their contract or job description. This may cause a slowdown or increase pressure on supervisors, as faculty stop working beyond the time allotted in their contracts, SWFs, or (for counsellors and librarians) the 35-hour weekly cap.

Because work to rule is an organized labour action, we will collectively undertake specific activities, in escalating phases. Our Bargaining Team determines the activities and what constitutes strike breaking, or “struck work”, and we follow their direction. Doing any work deemed “struck work” is the equivalent of crossing a picket line. All 24 colleges are in the same boat, and direction from above gives us protection for our actions. You are protected from any reprisal because this is a legal work stoppage as a result of a legal strike vote.