What should I tell my stakeholders (students, external and internal colleagues, allies, etc.) about work-to-rule?

Here is an example of messaging you can use. You should tailor your response to any specific role(s), responsibilities, and availability restrictions you may have, such as committee leads, program coordinators, etc. So please adapt this message as needed:

  • As part of ongoing work action that is the result of all of the colleges in the province refusing to negotiate with our union, the duties of each Program Coordinator must be put into writing by their manager. As a result, I will be able to resume my Program Coordinator duties once I have received my duties in writing from my Associate Dean. Once that occurs, I will be checking my email daily between [start time] and [end time]. Until then, please contact my Associate Dean, [Name of AD] by email at [AD’s Humber email address].
    I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. If you would like to support your College Faculty in resolving the issues around bargaining, please contact President Whitaker and the College Employer Council and ask that they return to the bargaining table. You can also reach the CEO of the CEC, Graham Lloyd, by phone at (416) 902-9543 or by email at: graham.lloyd@thecouncil.ca.