What should I tell my stakeholders (students, external and internal colleagues, allies, etc.) about work-to-rule?

Here is an example of messaging you can use. You should tailor your response to any specific role(s), responsibilities, and availability restrictions you may have, such as committee leads, program coordinators, etc. So please adapt this message as needed:

  • In response to the College Employer Council’s decision to unilaterally impose employment conditions after college faculty voted to support strike actions, Ontario college faculty are now following work-to-rule guidelines established by the Faculty Bargaining Team. Work-to-rule means that we will be working only the time outlined by our workload assignments, and that we will not be available for any additional (volunteer) work that we may normally do. Therefore, email responses and student/faculty appointments may be delayed.¬†For urgent matters, please contact my Associate Dean [AD name] at [AD’s email address]. We appreciate your patience and your support in our efforts to improve working conditions for Ontario college faculty and the learning conditions of Ontario college students.