What should I tell my stakeholders (students, external and internal colleagues, allies, etc.) about work-to-rule?

Here is an example of messaging you can use. You should tailor your response to any specific role(s), responsibilities, and availability restrictions you may have, such as committee leads, program coordinators, etc. So please adapt this message as needed:

  • College faculty (which includes librarians) have begun a work-to-rule campaign, in protest of the College Employer Council and college management imposition of Terms and Conditions. Librarians’ work to rule actions will have minimal impact on students and faculty. Librarians will still provide research assistance for students and faculty, will provide class instruction to students as requested, and will support faculty in their course resource needs. If you have specific questions about how work to rule may impact you, please contact your liaison librarian. For more information, visit: https://www.opseu562.org/work-to-rule.