Will I be protected for participating in work to rule?

Yes; All full-time and partial-load members who participate in this job action are protected under the Colleges Collective Bargaining Act (CCBA). The relevant section is:

s.53. (3) The Council, an employer or any person acting on behalf of the Council or an employer shall not,

  1. refuse to employ or to continue to employ or discriminate against a person with regard to employment or any term or condition of employment because the person was or is a member of an employee organization or was or is exercising any right under this Act;
  2. impose any condition in a contract of employment or propose the imposition of any condition in a contract of employment that seeks to restrain a person employed by an employer or a person seeking employment by an employer from becoming a member of an employee organization or exercising any right under this Act;
  3. seek by intimidation, by threat of dismissal or by any other kind of threat or by the imposition of a pecuniary or any other penalty or by any other means to compel a person employed by an employer to become or refrain from becoming or to continue to be or cease to be a member of an employee organization, or to refrain from exercising any right under this Act.  2008, c. 15, s. 53 (3).

The Local has shared a letter to Humber management regarding what to expect from faculty during this labour dispute. For example:

  • the withdrawal of union representatives from all union-college committees, such as Union/College Committee, EDI Task Force, Return-to-Work committee, Centre for Human Rights working group, etc.
  • the withdrawal from all voluntary committee work (ie: committees for which no college time has been attributed, and/or for which no compensation has been made to the faculty member. This includes all “working groups”, “meetings” or any other adhoc gatherings by other names)
  • the withdrawal from all committee work involving “union” representatives, except for the Joint Occupational Health & Safety and the Workload Monitoring Group committees
  • no participation in all start-up week activities, including department meetings, recruitment, orientations, etc.
  • restricted availability to regular working hours of all faculty

If you have concerns regarding how work to rule intersects with your obligations under a professional/governing body, feel free to contact us

The CCBA forbids any employer reprisals on members, including partial-load and probationary members, for participating in any form of strike action, which includes work-to-rule. Should any member – permanent, partial-load, or probationary – experience any pressure, intimidation, actions, or threats of action that you consider punitive because of your participation in bargaining team-coordinated activities, please contact us immediately.