Partial-Load: Calculation for Step Increases

Updated: Jan 24, 2024

How do I know if I am eligible for a step increase in pay?

All partial-load faculty are eligible for a step increase each and every time that you accumulate the equivalent of 10 months of service credits at Humber College.

Partial-Load Contracts: How to Calculate Service Credits

  1. The Seniority Lists are issued every January. Faculty members have 2 weeks to verify their accuracy and raise any concerns with the College.
  2. For every course, record how many hours are taught, and on what day per week for the semester.
  3. Refer to the Academic Calendar to calculate Teaching Contact Hours per week.
  4. Add up the Total Teaching Contact Hours for each month in the semester.
  5. The following chart lists the timeline changes in the Service Credit values per month. These progressively positive changes have been the result of Union wins at each Bargaining round.

Please refer to the following chart to calculate # Service Credits accrued per month and use this Service Credit Tracking spreadsheet to record your hours:

Timeline for Calculating Service Credits

Service Credit Values
Before Oct 1, 2017 0.5 Service Credit = 30 hours/month Holidays NOT counted
Oct 2017 – Dec 2021 1.0 Service Credit = 30 hours/month Holidays NOT counted
Jan 2022 – Aug 2022 1.0 Service Credit = 30 hours/month Holidays counted during semester
From Sept 2022 – present 1.0 Service Credit = 28 hours/month Holidays counted during semester

Please note:

  • Teaching Contact Hours occur within the timeline of “1st day of Classes” to “Last day of Classes” in a Semester.
  • There are no Teaching Contact Hours during Reading Week or Orientation days.
  • Prior to January 2022, holidays were not counted towards your Service Credit calculation. For example, if one of your classes was scheduled on a Monday, you would not be able to include the teaching hours that fell on holiday Mondays.
  • Since January 2022, you are able to count the hours for classes that land on statutory holidays within a contract period. In order to do so, the PL contract needs to be active before that holiday, as well as after that holiday (therefore, Labour Day isn’t counted).
  • Faculty are encouraged to track their service credits to ensure that the College implements the step increase correctly. 

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